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Steel Material

HBIS' steel material sector  includes HBIS Tangsteel, HBIS Hansteel, HBIS Xuansteel, HBIS Chengsteel, HBIS Wusteel, HBIS Shisteel, HBIS Laoting, HBIS Hengstrip, HBIS Mining(manufacturing companies ), HBIS Sales, HBIS Purchasing(operational companies) and HBIS Technology Research Institute. HBIS prides itself on being the leader in advanced equipment, energy-efficiency and environmental technology in the industry.

HBIS, the leading steel enterprise in China, produces every category of steel & iron products except seamless tube, with more than 200 steel products serving as import substitution. Products export destination covers more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, among which cold-rolled sheet, Ultra-strength rebar, heavy plate, steel pipe and special steel bar enjoy a fine reputation both in international and domestic market.

World-class equipment Sophisticated production

Iron process: 

12 coke furnaces (6m+); 20 sintering machines (200㎡) ;5 blast furnaces ( 3200m3);9 blast furnaces ( 2000m3);

Steel making: 

21 convertors above 120t, 2 ultra high power EAF 90t

Rolling process: 

6 HRM (plate and coil) (1580-2250mm); 6 heavy plate mills (3.5-4.2m); 4 pickling lines with continued cold rolling machine (1680-2180mm); 33 sets of wire, rod and profile mills.


Focus on the “market” and “product”, promoting industrial upgrading, achieving the goal: high-tech steel products more than 80%.Establish customer centric marketing model, centering on the production line’s resource allocation, on the basis of the "Internet +" business model. Promote industry chain downstream extension to high-end customers, achieving the world-class level of market competitiveness and profitability.


  • Steel Manufacturing

  • Operating Company

  • Technology Research Institution


HBIS Group Tangshan Iron & Steel Company (HBIS TANGSTEEL)

HBIS TANGSTEEL was established in 1943, and also is the key enterprise of Hesteel Group. HBIS TANGSTEEL is located in China’s most potential core area, which is Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province, an economic circle around Bohai sea, possessing rich resource, good location and transportation. HBIS TANGSTEEL’s current capacity has reached 18 million tons. The product mainly includes: high strength automotive strips, galvanized plate, color’coated sheet,medium plate, bars, wires and sections. There are altogether 140 varieties, fall into 4 main categories, and 60% of products are of superior quality. Currently, HBIS TANGSTEEL is a significant production base for fine board materials and fine building materials. Products are widely used in cars, household appliances, machinery, coal, electricity and transportation, and also exported to Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia, more than 150 countries and areas.HBIS TANGSTEEL has won "National Labor Medal" , "National Customers-Satisfaction Enterprise", "National Verdurization Model Units ", "National Ecological Civilization Demonstration Enterprise", "National Advanced Enterprise for Comprehensive Utilization of Resources ", "China Steel Industry Clean Production Environment Friendly Enterprise ", "National Clean Production Demonstration Enterprise", "The first five-year enterprises with sense of social responsibility".


Add:No.9 Binhe Road,Lubei Distrist,Tangshan, Hebei Province

Post Code:063016



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